What is Wild Paradigm?

Authentic living + Nature centric.

Wild Paradigm is the crazy idea that life can be lived in infinite ways. Your map is different from the person next to you. We should all celebrate our unique differences in the way we see success, love, and adventure.

Shift the paradigm from what the “norms” are. Turn it upside down to enjoy the beautiful life you are meant to create.

We all need to cheer each other on with the decisions that are being made, not tell them they aren’t doing it “right”.

Life is about learning through experiences, so sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

Don’t look at the person next to you, look within yourself to find the answers and your passions.

However- what EVERYONE should be doing is living in harmony with our planet. While you can veer one way in your passions and purpose, we need to also be rooted into nature.

Be a part of the Wild Paradigm tribe by living your most authentic, happy, meaningful life and celebrate those around you for choosing the same or different paths.

It’s that simple.

Who We Are

We are Chucky + Nicole, the creators of Wild Paradigm. We are currently living full time out of our 2018 Mercedes Sprinter, traveling up and down the US. Chucky is a Software Engineer, and Nicole is a Life Coach. Together we are building the life that works for us. At this moment we are vanlifers, but are planning to buy land and build multiple tiny homes. That is what our wild paradigm looks like to us. Forever changing, forever authentic.