Hello and welcome to Wild Paradigm!

Wild Paradigm stands for the way we should live our lives to the fullest- simply, sustainably, and intentionally.

I believe that more and more people are slowly transitioning away from the “norm”. Keeping up the jones’ is in the past, bigger is not always better, and thankfully being green isn’t just a fad.

A shift is happening, awakening our souls to be lived in harmony with our day to day lives.

We are entering the Wild Paradigm.

Be wild. Explore this beautiful earth and treat it well. Live mindfully and intentionally. Live a life full of experiences, and fewer things. Create your own path. Give more than you take.

We are the crowd that likes to live life the unconventional way. We are the moon howlers, dirt road cruising, mountain climbing bunch. The tribe that understands that simplicity and minimalism is the key to a happy and full life.We are the believers of climate change and do our damnest to do our part in protecting this planet. The explorers, and goal reachers. Living our best life.

That is the Wild Paradigm. Are you ready to tap into your wildest self?

About Nico:

I am an adventure lover, minimalist, dog obsessed, nomad. Currently living in The Bay Area with my husband and dog. I am taking a walk on the wild side and living the life that I want to live, not what is considered socially acceptable. I may not know who I am completely, but I know that I’m on the path to self-discovery.