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Tortuga Outbreaker- The Best Urban Travel Pack

As many of you may come to find out, Chucky and I are gear obsessed individuals. The difference between us and a “gear-head” is that we aren’t trying to upgrade every chance we get.

We try and purchase the best items once, and stay with them until they fall apart. This goes hand in hand with keeping our home, and closets, the minimalist way we like them.

So as you can guess- we do a lot, A LOT, of research before you purchase any item. Before we headed out on our 3-month backpacking Europe trip (in the WINTER), we knew we needed a bag that can stand the weather, carry all our winter gear, and keep us from looking like, well, American tourists.

That is how we came across the holy grail of stylish, urban, travel packs: The Tortuga Outbreaker Travel Backpack.

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This bad boy fit the bill perfectly. It is sleek and fit in nicely with the urban travel that we did. Our outdoor backpacking packs would not have been as inconspicuous, with the neon colors, straps all over the place, and the many pockets on the outside.

The 45L Tortuga Outbreaker is the way to go if you are planning on packing everything into a carry-on, which we did.

Here are the top reasons why we absolutely love the Tortuga Outbreaker Backpack, and why you should consider one if you are planning on doing a long trip, or just want to update to a quality bag for weekend trips:


The Design

Beautiful, and sleek, with just the logo on the outside. I never felt like we looked like backpackers during our entire 3 months in Europe because the pack blended in so well. Not to mention, the fabric is heavy duty and made out sail cloth that makes it waterproof and stands up to tough conditions.

Suitcase Backpack

Just like it sounds, when you open the inside, it opens like a suitcase and even has pockets on the side as well as two mesh pouches on the top to help store items. Talk about a dream for the lovers of organization (cough **My OCD husband** cough)

Laptop Sleeve

I absolutely loved the separate compartment closest to my back where I can slip my computer into the fleece-lined sleeve. A cozy home for my laptop, and no fear that someone could snatch it away. PLUS- lots of pockets to keep your charger, kindle, and other electronics.

The “Business” Section

The front compartment can carry your pens, notebook, camera, and other items that you would keep on your desk. It was a great function to have for easy access.

Lockable Zippers

All the zippers have loops to make them lockable, which is a fantastic feature to have while traveling! Being able to put your bag under the bus without worrying someone is going to open it and take things makes traveling so much easier.

The only issue we had, which is no fault of the backpack, is that Chuckys bag got broken into while flying from Croatia back to the US. Someone had taken pliers and ripped the locks open… it was a sad day 🙁 But again, that had nothing to do with the bag, just the terrible thieves that encountered the bag.

Shoulder and Waist Band

The shoulder straps can be adjusted up and down by a velcro latch on the back. Adjust based on your height and how much weight you want on your hips vs. shoulders. The waistband can also be tightening based on your body type. There are two pouches on the waistband that I put my phone and wallet in because it was easy to access and close to my body for protection. The back and shoulder straps are padded for extreme comfort.

Carry-On Size

Did I mention this bag is deemed carry-on acceptable?? However, you need to double check the weight limit for some smaller airlines. While it meets carry-on dimensions, some airlines  (Looking at you, RyanAir) will make you check the bag if the weight is over the limit. Since the bag is 45L, you can fit a lot! You should always double check the airline requirements before heading out to make sure you don’t get any surprises.

The Company

We are HUGE on company missions, and this one is no stranger to giving back and giving the people great quality items, not just trying to make a profit.


With everything, there are downsides…

The Fitted Waist Belt 

This might be because I am used to outdoor backpacking packs, but I felt like the adjustable waistbelt for the Tortuga pack managed to loosen up a lot as I wore it around. It wasn’t a big deal at all, but it did get annoying at times when we were walking around the city and I felt like the strap wasn’t staying put.

Side Pouch 

Although a great feature, we had to literally shove our water bottles in it because the pouch was so tight. I would have liked it to give a little more than it did. But then again, it was great for putting little items in knowing they were secure.

No Way to Stow the Straps

We didn’t have a problem with this since we checked the bag in with us, but it would be a nice to have a way to stow the straps away when not in use.

Final Thoughts:

The pack fit all our needs while traveling abroad, and keeps serving its purpose when we go on weekend trips. It does have a hefty price, but we believe it is completely worth the price.

So if you are ready to purchase the Tortuga Outbreaker Backpack, click the link to take steps toward buying a gift that keeps on giving!

If you have any questions and want to learn more about this bag, feel free to ask away!