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Eco- Friendly Spring Cleaning Tips

The snow is melting, trees are budding, and you are starting to uncover your bare arms without freezing.

It must be Spring!

And with that, it means it’s time to declutter, open up your windows and doors to let in the fresh air, and get out your cleaning supplies. Hello, spring cleaning.

It’s so tempting to just roll up your sleeves and go to town with cleaning every nook and cranny of your living quarters without thinking much about what chemicals you are using.

Throwing out things that don’t serve you. Plugging in air fresheners. The works.

Instead, be more mindful of what you do (or don’t!) while giving your digs a make-over.

Disclaimer: This Post contains Amazon Affiliate Links

There are so many tiny things that we do and don’t even think about, that can actually be more harmful than good when it comes to spring cleaning.

Take a peek at this list to help you feel good and do good for the environment when diving deep into your spring cleaning routine!

Eco-Friendly Spring Cleaning Tips

Ditch the harmful cleaning agents

There are a ridiculous amount of cleaning products out there that are just downright harmful to your health. Why would you want to bring these toxic chemicals into your house, when there are natural, toxin-free alternatives?

If you do a quick google search for ” green cleaning”, you can find a ton of DIY recipes that will most likely have vinegar in them.

Personally, I don’t like the smell and I’m also kind of lazy when it comes to creating the mixture- so I always opt for premade green cleaners. My favorites right now are:

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Multi-Surface Concentrate. This stuff can be used EVERYWHERE. My husband and I       also love the dish soap, hand soap, and laundry detergent. We are like Mrs. Meyer’s advertisement in our apartment.

7th generation also has awesome products that I have used before. Check out their multi-surface cleaner and laundry detergent.

If you ARE so inclined to make your own products, check out Wellness Mama. She is focused on creating a green and healthy home and has ample DIY products!

Freshen up the Air

When I think of a clean home, I think of being able to inhale clean and fresh smells.

As I mentioned in Welcome Fall with Hygge post- essential oil diffusers are the Transitioning away from artificial scented candles and plug-ins to all natural is a total game changer. Some scented candles smell nice at first but give me major headaches- as well as release chemicals into the air. Why would anyone want that??

Our favorite diffuser is the InnoGear Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser. Diffusers are not only amazing for giving your home a great aroma, but essential oils will also play a role depending on your mood/ health. If you are trying to relax, drop in some lavender. Need some energy? Lemongrass or Peppermint will do the trick! You can also use different oils if you have a headache, feeling stressed, pretty much any alignment can be soothed with essential oils.

So next time you want to give your home a good pick me up- turn on your diffuser and start reaping the benefits.

Repurpose/ sell/ donate

We all know the old saying “one mans junk is another man’s treasure”. And it is so true. Which is why throwing things away should be your absolute last resort.

Try and figure out if there is a way to repurpose and make use of the item you are thinking about. Old t-shirts? Turn them into cleaning rags!

If you don’t have a use for them- sell on craigslist, the nextdoor app, thrift stores, or eBay. Any of those websites are perfect for gently used items that you know you can make money from.

The next step is if you don’t think people will buy them online, donate them! Goodwill, church donations and shelters are fantastic spots to drop off unused items.

The very last resort is throwing items away. We don’t need more stuff in the landfills, so PLEASE try to limit items being thrown out. Not to mention, dump responsibly. For household items like old paint, nail polish, etc. make sure to dispose of properly by taking it to locations that specialize in such items.

Hello, Plants!

Spring is the perfect time to stock up on your favorite green friends. Not only houseplants looking awesome, but some actually help purify the air within your home! Talk about win-win.

Some great articles to help find the perfect plant that will fit your needs include:

I love creating a home filled with greenery and love the fact that there are many benefits associated with them!

Dyson Vacuum

What screams “Spring cleaning” more than dancing around with your vacuum cleaner?? Okay- maybe I’m the only one who loves to vacuum, but still- cleaning= vacuuming. (Sidenote- I legit love to vacuum. Is that strange?)

Because we are in a small living quarter, we bought a vacuum that would be perfect for just that. I never thought I would love a particular vacuum until I met the Dyson V7 Cordless Motorhead Vacuum.

Before I start to sound like a crazy lady gushing over her vacuum, I’ll just share some points as to why I think this was the greatest investment.

  • It’s compact and cordless- helps maintain the house for easy cleanup, can be broken down for certain purposed such as cleaning floor, carpet, furnisher, reaching tough spots, etc.
  • Because it turns into a handheld vacuum, we can use it for our car and many other areas. One tool for multiple purposes
  • It is bagless, which means no waste associated with it! You just release a clip and the lint can be disposed of easily. BONUS- if you have a compost, you can just drop the contents into that. The circle of life is amazing, huh?

Do you have any tips to add to this? Comment below!

Cheers to happy cleaning 🙂