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Welcoming Fall with Hygge 

The weather in Denver has dipped below 50 degrees, which means… Fall is here! Okay, so I’ll be the first to admit that I am #basic when it comes to fall. I have already rocked my flannel with a vest, pulled out my ugg boots, and have taken a classic changing of the leaves photo. However, believe it or not- I have yet to order a pumpkin spice latte. That’s all my husband. He loves PSLs. Needless to say, our household absolutely loves fall. So, in honor of the changing of seasons, I want to share with my wild tribe how we are welcoming in Fall the Hygge way.

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What is Hygge (Pronounced HUGH-GUH)?  I’m glad you asked. Chucky and I spent some time in Denmark last winter and were introduced to this amazing concept (keep an eye out for a new post on Why We Adopted Hygge into Our Lives). There is no one word in English that it translates to, but it is essentially the feeling of coziness and warmth by living in the moment and being intentional. Minimalism and Hygge go hand in hand because both focus on creating a beautifully crafted living space to promote peace and calm. With fall in full swing (I hope! Who knows what global warming has in store for us…), I wanted to share a couple of ways you can bring hygge into your home as well.

Welcoming Fall With Hygge

1.Knitted blankets

Knitted anything, actually! Hats, scarves, throws… you name it. Anything that screams “please cuddle up with me!” I absolutely love our throw blankets on our couch because when I wake up in the morning, I can just wrap myself up while drinking a nice hot cup of coffee. My morning immediately starts off on the right foot because of how cozy I can get. It’s almost like getting out of bed, to get into another 🙂

2. Pay Attention to Lighting

When you think of dim lights- you think of being out at a nice romantic restaurant, paying close attention to the person across from you. Or maybe a yoga class where you are focusing on every inhale and exhale coming from your body. We get an overwhelming sense of calm and happiness when the lights aren’t blinding us. So go ahead… turn your living room into a nice oasis with dim lights by using lamps or white Christmas lights, and lots and lots of candles. Tea candles are the way to go because you can have multiple going and have a beautiful ambiance from it.

3. Bring the Outdoors In

What is better decoration for fall than pumpkins? Pick up some small pumpkins and place them around your house to give it a good ol’ festive feeling. I’m really excited to also pick up pinecones and twigs from our walks with Ollie to bring nature inside. Ollie is VERY good at picking out twigs! It’s such a great feeling to be able to experience the season while sitting in your living room. (Note- pick up items that have fallen already. It’s nicer that way:))

4. Seasonal Dishes

Roasted butternut squash and brussel sprouts, anyone?! I LOVE cooking up autumn dishes. Squashes, walnuts, cranberries… everything! There is nothing better than some warm comfort food in your belly when the temperature starts to dip. While you eat, make sure you mindfully enjoy. Pay attention to all the flavors, and savor them. Not only is that good for your health to slow down, but it is also a meditative feeling when you really pay attention to all the details.

5. Using Your Olfactory Senses

To compliment your dimly lit haven, you should kick it up a notch by adding scented candles that capture the time of the year. For me- I absolutely love the smell of clove and cinnamon. Currently, we have a Yankee candle that was a wedding gift, but once that goes out we will continue using our diffuser. I highly recommend the InnoGear Diffuser from Amazon found here. Smells are linked to memories, and being able to reminiscence on the feeling of comfort and peace makes for a relaxing moment.

6. Embrace It

The biggest concept surrounding hygge is to be present and make your environment as cozy and warm as possible. Since the seasons are in the transition, we haven’t exactly felt the full-on force that summer is over. We could easily be heartbroken that we can no longer wear our jean shorts or our cute summer dresses. However, doing so will just make you think of all the things you will miss about summer, and not welcome fall in. That, in turn, will make you start off the season in a slump. What you need to do is to embrace the new season and think about all the amazing activities that come along with it! Pumpkin patches, thanksgiving, layering, and to my husband- PSLs!

Take a moment to be thankful for this very moment that you are in, and let fall in with open arms.

Does anyone have other fun ideas to add to this list? I would love to hear about it!




Minimalism 101: Steps to Help Declutter Your Home

When I was younger, I had about 10 pairs of (a slightly different) blue jeans. I’m sure I was the only one that could tell the difference which is what justified me having them.

Same thing goes for striped tanks, a bookshelf of books I’ve never read, and cd’s that sat covered in dust.

When it came time for me to tidy up my room, it was such a stressful task that I would get halfway through it, and then give up. Going into my room didn’t feel like my stress-free zone because of all the clutter and items that weren’t fulfilling me.

 Photo by Bench Accounting on Unsplash

Fast forward to when I met my husband- Mr. OCD. The first couple of months when we moved in together was a huge wake-up call to me. He just didn’t have a lot of “stuff”, and yet.. it made so much sense. Since he was in the military, he had to be ready to pack up and move at a moments notice. Now that I was in the picture, I had to follow suit.

I started to evaluate all the items I was starting to tow around from place to place and realize that I was literally hauling junk that didn’t serve its purpose anymore. That was the moment I started living more simply, which in turn led to a stress-free environment.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t make the full transition right away, it took quite a long time to get to where I am now.

Follow this quick guide to jump-start your journey to a more minimalistic lifestyle.

4 Steps to Help Declutter Your Home

1. Stop Impulse Purchases and Make Sure You Are Bringing in Things of Value

It’s hard to finish a plate of food if someone keeps putting more on it. Similarly, it’s hard to clear up space and organize if you keep bringing crap in. Make it easy for yourself- when trying to pare down, you need to curb your appetite for items that aren’t going to fulfill you. Just for the first couple of days, avoid bringing home anything at all.

2. Group Similar Items Together

You need to be able to focus on what you have and see patterns on things you purchase multiples of. Take note if you have 4 different kinds of hair brushes, or too many coffee mugs when you only use one or two. Once you have a little inventory- pick each individual item up and ask yourself if a) do you use it? B) do you like it? And c) is it still relevant in your life? It’s okay if you aren’t 100% for getting rid of it, but put in aside and you can come back to it. Just realize you don’t need multiples of some items, and pair down to just the bare minimum.

3. Find a Place for Everything

Finding a place for every item is key and makes cleaning SO much easier. Once you start finding homes, you start realizing some items that don’t fit anywhere which in turn is something you might not need or want anymore. You’ll be surprised what you find does not fit your needs anymore.

4. Quality Over Quantity

We believe that purchasing high-quality items is always the best route to go and worth the price tag. For instance- I used to bundle up in the winters with layers upon layers to keep warm, that is until I met the Arc’teryx Down Jacket. This 800 down fill jacket keeps me warmer than if I were to wear a couple layers and a big puffy jacket. I was able to get rid of 3 items by replacing them with the down jacket. Same goes for furniture- we don’t purchase items that will fall apart in a year or two. We purchase items that are sturdy, we are proud of, and absolutely love. Sure the price tag is heftier, but would you rather buy an expensive couch once, or multiple inexpensive ones?

Final Thoughts

These are just the first couple of steps to get you going in the right direction. It’s not going to happen overnight. I am not perfect, I still have items that I know I should get rid of, but can’t part with just yet. And that’s okay. It’s starting that’s the hardest part.

Happy purging 🙂