Gift Guide for Minimalist Chefs

I absolute LOVE cooking. I also love having a neat kitchen where everything has its place and it doesn’t feel cluttered. Minimalism makes perfect sense in the kitchen because it helps ease the already stressful event that happens in there 3 times a day (… or more if you are like me 🙂 )

To create a minimalist kitchen, it is important to invest in items that will help make it easier to find things, as well as clear up counter/cabinet space. Focus on items that have multiple purposes, and of course, sustainable for the environment.

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Minimalists love things of function, and that’s exactly what the list has.

If you are trying to find the perfect gift for a minimalist chef in your life, take a peek at the items that I have that make life SO much easier.

Magnetic Spice Rack

The Gneiss Spice Everything Spice Kit was bought by my sister as our wedding present, and I’m still beyond thankful for this. This magnetic spice rack is the bee’s knees. Like, seriously. We live in a condo that has limited space, so we put the spices on the side of our refrigerator, and immediately saved space on the counter and in the cabinets. They come with so many spices, but if you want a different kind you can order empty glasses and just fill em up with whatever you choose. Each spice has a sticker to put on the bottom for easy searching, no more pulling out every spice jar hoping it’s the one you want! I like the fact that it encourages you to go in and fill up the jars, instead of throwing out your old plastic spice jars and buying new ones. Not only is it super eco-friendly, but they look awesome displayed in the kitchen!

Magnetic Knife Holder

A Magnetic Knife Holder is another perfect way to clear up limited counter and drawer space. I keep not only my knives on it, but a pair of scissors and our can opener. It’s SO much easier to just see exactly what you need right in front of you.

French Press

Another gift we received was a French Press from Chucky’s brother. We use this every.single.morning. It’s now my favorite way to wake up because it’s almost meditative. The French press is so small, which was something our big ass coffee maker was not. There are multiple dual purposes for this guy; you can make coffee or tea in it, and you can use it in your house or camping! This french press has gone with us from California all the way to Maine and back and has brewed the most amazing coffee. Another feature is how eco-friendly it is- you don’t need to buy any filters for it or plug it in. It’s a win-win in almost every aspect.

Cast Iron Skillet

Have you ever tasted desserts or meals made in a Cast Iron Skillet? There is such a distinct flavor in it that no ordinary pan can create. That’s why this is on the list because every chef should have one in their kitchen. I like making fajitas and other types of smoked flavored dishes, as well as baked apples and delicious treats. I love that we can use it on the stove, in the oven, and over a campfire! Just make sure you don’t wash it with soap, rather rubbing salt on it to get it clean.

Hopefully, this gave you a couple of gift ideas for the minimalist chef in your family!

Anyone else have staple items in their kitchen?


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