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How to Stop Chasing Happiness

I absolutely love to daydream. It’s kind of my jam. My husbands and my favorite past time is to chat about our next big adventure or future goals. There is nothing wrong with this.

However, a couple years ago I realized I was utilizing the daydreams all wrong. I felt like the present moments had just passed me by- I didn’t take the time to enjoy the smells, sights, and feelings thoroughly enough because I was always looking for the next move or daydreaming about doing something else. I was living in my daydreams trying to find the ultimate happiness, instead of actually living life to the fullest.

Once this realization occurred, a sudden wave of emotions washed over me with the dreadful question; “Am I ever going to be happy and content where I am?”

 The answer is plain and simple: If I want to be.

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It’s the amazing and terrifying ability that we literally have control of our own emotions and can make the most, or little, out of any situation. After regretting not living in the moments that have already passed me by, I realized that is not the way I want to live life. I want to take advantage of every moment that comes my way and look back knowing I lived it up. Here are the steps I take to make sure I stop chasing happiness and live my life in the moment

How to Stop Chasing Happiness

Be Present

It’s so much easier said than done. I’ve been there and done that- traveled to the most amazing places, experienced incredible things, lived in coveted areas, and yet I always found myself wanting more or wishing I was somewhere else. By the time I WAS somewhere else, I would look back and wish I soaked up every minute of being in said place. Is that a way I want to live? Constantly be regretting my past choices? Absolutely not. It wasn’t until recently where I started to adopt the mindset of being content. Live in the moment. Take in everything- good or bad. Go out dancing. Grab a drink with friends. Don’t just sit around and wait for the next big thing, because the time will pass no matter what.

Gratitude Journal

I am so thankful for my gratitude journal because it always keeps me grounded. I like to sit down in the morning and write 5 things that I’m grateful for. They can be as big or as small as you want them to be. Sometimes I’m just not having a good week and all I can think about is being grateful for the cup of coffee I’m drinking. Once you come up with these 5 things, it will help you focus on the here and now.

Set Goals

“She turned her cant’s into cans, and dreams into plans” – Kobi Yamada

When we think of dreams, it’s merely a wish. “I wish I could… I wish I lived…” But the moment you make it a plan, it’s now something you will work toward to have come to life. If you really want to be somewhere else, work to make it happen, but don’t forget to live the day to day life you have to live no matter what in order to get there. Trying to find work abroad? Amazing! While searching for that dream job, remember where you are and explore that city as much as you can.


When you meditate, you are actively trying to listen to your thoughts and see what your body and mind are saying. This is the one exception where we are trying to go outside of the present moment. No matter what you are going through, mediation should always be your go to. It can be as simple as closing your eyes and listening to your breath for a minute, or going full out for an hour training your thoughts. You would be amazed at what you find out about yourself when you actually listen. Maybe you find out you aren’t going down the right path for you? This is the moment to really think about what you want. It’s important to check in with yourself every day.

Enjoy The Journey

It’s safe to safe that our life is sewn together by one moment to the next. But what happens in between? The not so glamorous everyday life. Those are the times we really need to stop and think about how awesome life is.  How about we all try and breathe in the moments of today, and let life unfold naturally? I guarantee you will feel a little bit happier looking back at the days you spent enjoying the moments, instead of waiting for the future to happen.

Final Thoughts…

We are all on different paths in life, but our goals in life are ultimately to be happy, am I right? So instead of searching for happiness, try and bring it into your life every day. This, in turn, will make all the difference in the quality of life.

Which one of these tactics are you ready to let into your life?


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