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How to Use Journaling To Manifest Your Dreams

Imagine this: dreaming about how you want your life to look like, and BAM- that’s your new reality.

Unfortunately, dreams don’t come true that fast but that’s not to say this can’t actually happen. I can tell you about multiple instances where I have literally dreamed up a situation and then a couple months (or years) later I am living that exact dream. To this day I still get goosebumps realizing that I literally created the life I want to live.

And guess what? You can too.

I use journaling as a tool to help manifest everything that has come into my life thus far.

That is the beautiful thing about writing things down- it makes you really think about what you want, how you want your life to look,  and what your biggest and scariest dream are.

Once you put it down on paper, you can then let the universe work it’s magic to draw it in. I know some people get a little squirmy with using the words such as “universe”, so we can say positive vibes instead 🙂 When you send out positive vibes, it will be a domino effect and create lots of positivity around you and soon you start to see your world shifting toward what you want.

In order for all of this to happen, it starts with how you journal.

Here are some tips for writing the most powerful journal entries to help you get closer to your dreams.

5 Steps for Manifesting Your Wildest Dreams

1. Set Intentions

In order for everything around to start clicking into place, you need to write down exactly what you want. Your intentions are to help you dive deep into yourself to figure out what your dream life looks like. Overall, what type of life do you want to live?

2. Write in The Present Tense

This is one of the hardest things to do, especially if you are NOWHERE near where you want to be. I remember looking at myself in the mirror and seeing all the acne on my face and noticing every fat roll on my body and  writing “I have clear, beautiful skin and a fit body.” Did I at the moment? Absolutely not. But I wanted it so bad, that I knew I had to write things down as if I had them already. You need to write everything in the present tense to get yourself in the mindset that you have these things already, or you are doing the crazy things you always wanted to do. Writing “I wish.. If only..”, sends of negative vibes, and we are trying to do nothing by positive thinking here, folks!

3. Be as Detailed as Possible

What would your typical day look like in your dream life? How early do you wake up.. or do you sleep in? Do you go out to eat every day or a couple times a week? Not only is it super fun to come up with little details, it also helps you truly decide what you want. I once wrote about living in downtown Denver in a cute 2 bed 2 bath condo… and about 3 years later, that’s where we are living now. Write it down and watch these things come to life.

4. Believe

Believe. Like REALLy believe you have it already. Write about it makes you feel, how you look, where you will be, etc. As you write out all of them, sit back and breathe in your dream life. Let the emotions wash over you. It’s okay to cry a little bit too. I have had some powerful journaling where as I sit and believe that I am doing what I want to do, I can’t help but get emotional with all the excitement and happiness I am about to bring into my life.

5. Take Action or Wait

Let the universe help you, but also help yourself. You cant say you want to get your dream job, and then sit and wait for them to call you. You have to actually apply with your amazing resume and cover letter, it’s up to YOU take the first steps toward it. There are some things you can set out and let happen naturally, but the majority of the time you need to actually take steps and meet the universe halfway.

6. Reread and Rewrite

Reread your journal entry every day to remind you of how bad you want it. ANd if you realize that some of the aspects don’t fit what you want anymore, go ahead and rewrite your story. And that’s what it is- your story. You decide how you want it to look and end

Final Thoughts…

I was never one to believe in the power of positive writing and gratitude journals, but time after time of my “wishes” coming true, I can’t help but preach that this actually works. There are times you get exactly what you want, and times where life leads you down a different path. Just take it, because who knows what other amazing things will happen from there.

Who else loves to journal? Would love to hear about it!




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